Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Aftermath of Typhoon Frank: How Pathetic Can We Be Pinoys?

Typhoon struck the Philippines again as it is expected to do every year. But, it seems that we Pinoys never learn our lessons...we are as complacent as ever and our consciousness as usual are far from considering our safety and other people's safety. We always welcome destruction with open arms. Unfortunately, yes, this is what most of us Pinoys are...

It is true that we have been unfortunate to be in a country which is often hit by typhoons. But, should we always wait for something bad to happen before we do some real preventive actions. M/V Princess of Stars would not have capsized if we practiced extra precaution...Hundreds of people's lives would not have been shed if in the first place our very own Philippine Coastguard did not allow them to travel aside from giving them the necessary warning. Same thing, lives would not have been destroyed if Sulpicio Lines did not allow its ferry to travel despite the possibility that typhoon Frank will be heading northeast of the Philippines. This is because there was also the very big possibility that it could be headed northwest.

So, the unexpected happened. Frank went westward. Very sadly, the only thing we can do now is reconcile the facts and collect the missing bodies of hundreds of these poor Pinoys. Litigation may take place, damages can be paid for but the lives of those poor Pinoys can no longer be brought back. I guess we never learn our lessons...How pathetic can we be Pinoys? - Niknik

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