Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi, everybody! Niknok and I have been dreaming of building our own blog. Unfortunately, it took a while before we could muster enough courage to really build one. We are what you may consider the kind who still have to grope our way to technology...Thank God we now have Blogspot, a simplified way of building a blog.
Why have we been dreaming of putting up our own blog? Well, practically because life is rich in experiences and we want to share our thoughts with people. We want to find out how similar our perceptions are with whoever will be our readers. We will feel greatly rewarded to find out that we, afterall, see things in the same way other people see them. And, would it not be a great thing, too, if we can all have the opportunity to laugh at things together for all its complexity and hilarity. Welcome to our blog! - Niknik and Niknok

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