Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Most Memorable Birthday

Today is my birthday. I had the simplest birthday celebration but the most memorable one. I didn't really prepare anything for my birthday and all we've really prepared for is our lunch for the day (sauted bittergourd or ginisang ampalaya!!!)which we wanted to last until dinner because we're saving our money for my teaching stint abroad (pocket money,luggage etc.). But, my brother sent me an sms last night and offered to be in charge of the treat and so I had no choice but to celebrate...

If that was not enough of a surprise, this morning there was another surprise. My cousin handed me a small card in a small sealed envelope. It turned out that my Tita has given me pocket money, on the other hand, for my trip somewhere out of the country. She calls it a small "baon" but I tell you, it will be a big help when I start my life abroad. My birthday today did not present itself as a big bash. It was a very simple one, yet, it has been very heartwarming. I spent the whole time sharing meals and laughing with my family (specially with my loving husband Niknok).

God (like love and His blessings) come at the most unexpected time. Sometimes we worry too much about what will happen to us in the coming days...all of a sudden, He comes to the rescue and uses people to bless us and express His love for us... -Niknik